How to create a gallery wall in 7 simple steps.

Written by Gloria Guidali
Published November 21, 2021

When it comes to decorate our homes we want our gallery wall to speak about who we are, what we like and love. That means our decoration need to speak up for us.

A gallery wall is a curated collection of prints, maps or photos (or anything that can be framed), creatively arranged on a wall.

Why you should have your own Gallery Wall

Wall decoration has always had its trends, but Gallery Walls has become quite popular in the last years (and it will be in the future). Why are gallery walls so popular? Because it is an easy way to update your home décor, transform bland and non special walls, create a focal point in your home that tells a story. A Gallery wall will bring personality to your home décor.

So, how can you easily upgrade your home décor without any effort? Let’s dive into that.

Creating a personal Gallery Wall with your travels

If you have been planning or thinking about creating a gallery wall in your home, now is your chance to get it done. Creating a gallery wall doesn’t need to be complex. It is all about bringing together your favourite travels maps that showcase your personality. You can easily combine colours and sizes, as we take care of giving you the maps that represent your travels. If you haven’t, have a look on how easy is to create your personal traveller map!

Once you have your traveller maps at home, with your best routes and travels around the globe, you can start organizing your gallery wall decoration plan.

Original gift for travellers, How to create a gallery wall

1. Create & Collect your travellers maps 

Go to our Customizable maps Editor and get your maps in the style you like best. As you start planning this gallery wall traveller map think about the scale you want. With this you have two options:

  • A Mixture of different sizes: If you want to have a more dynamic wall décor you can play with different scales for your framed maps.
  • All same size: this choice will give the same importance to every map.

2. Create a theme

When you have all the printed maps that you need and represents your travels, is the moment to decide how to organized them. You can either think of doing it by color, or by date, or by size. That is totally up to you.

Custom map gift, How to create a gallery wall

3. Measure up

Measure your wall space and lay the collection on the floor. You will need to let a bit of space between the frames to have a great and outstanding look. You can draft a drawing on how to arrange the frames on the wall.

4. Pick your frames

We have several options for you here. Either you choose from our full wooden frames in black, natural wood or white, or you can go ahead and add a minimalistic Swedish hanger style.

White or natural wood frames are perfect for scandi-style interiors, but don’t be afraid to introduce a black frame if you have a light wall colour.

Thailandia custom map

5. Decide the layout

This is maybe the big question to answer: how should you arrange the layout? It depends on a key factor: neat rows or an organic arrangement? To make a proper decision take this little advice: draw the layout you are imagining and work around the draft. From there you can make some changes before comiting to a definitive layout.

6. Hanging

Okay, this is the big move. You will need nails or picture hooks and a hammer, at a minimun. If you want to have an ultra safe and stable hanging scenario, you may need a driller and a bit of patience to make every hole. To avoid putting a hang on a spot slightly uncentered, a good idea would be to make a mark on the wall with a pencil.

Draw lightly on the wall where the top corners of the frame you want your nails holes. Use the hammer to put the nails. You can use a spirit level to o be sure they are correctly level and straight. 

Mapa personalizado

7. The final look

Once you have all the nails on place, is the moment to hang the travellers map frames! So you do, now what? Stand back, enjoy, and think about how much you like it. It is the order correct? Do you feel it can be upgraded? Move or change arrangement until your happy. Done! Time to enjoy and relive those amazing travels you have life and the adventures you treasured on them!

Mapiful map