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Who is the team?

Hola! I'm Elu, I'm passionate about art-maps, routes, outdoor sports and cycling. This is how I ended up creating Limit Zero. I'm here to inspire you to celebrate what you are passionate about. Your most epic journey. Your most exciting race. The craziest itinerary of your life. This maps will make you relive it every single day.

How this started

Diventa un Ambasciatore

The Vision

We live every experience 3 times: when we dream it, when we live it and when we remember it. We are here to create a unique keepsake for you.

But, seriously, who am I?

I’m Elu born in Pamplona, Nord Spain, sometimes known as Sassy Spaniard

Sooooooo, let’s face the true, I do not like pinapple in pizza and I have long hair. Nothing else is really remarkable. 

I love maps, design and traveling, and more if I can do it on a bike. Adventures outdoors? I will say yes!

Passionate about cycling and mechanics, do not ask me to talk about bicycles otherwise I will never stop. 

Does this make sense? Seeing your maps, challenges and epic rides makes me smile and get som much inspiration and ideas! 

Also, most important: I use your maps to give back. You can check the ‘Sustainable’ page and see some of the causes that I’ve been cooperating with. Hopefully together we will get to make this place as enjoyable as possible to as many people as possible. 

I tend to mooooove a lot so if you want to keep update or just say hi, just check here: 
Elu: @eluovunque

Our mission

Mainly to dreams here:

1.- Offer you the opportunity to create a unique memory and make an original gift to the people you love with an amazing adventure on it. 

2.- Cooperate to create a better place. From how we design to how we print and deliver. 


Sustainability is essential

We care about the environment and don't want our business to have negative consequences on the planet. That's why your prints are carefully printed on high quality FSC certified paper, ensuring that your results will last a lifetime thanks to the use of natural organic inks.

ECO printing

Oh wow, did you get to the quote space? Please send me a screenshot for your prize! And please, get a map to brag about how amazing you are.

— Elu