About Us

Hi there! We're Elu and Gloria. We exist to inspire you to celebrate how far you have come in life, and for you to be excited for the future. We believe memories to be part of an overall journey that should be celebrated everyday.

How it all began

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Our Vision

We live every experience 3 times: when we dream it, when er live it and when we remember it. We are here to create memory that celebrates you. Every travel, every memory is a highlight.

Who are we?

We are Gloria & Elu. We are a teamwork and also a traveller couple.

Some years ago we figured out that “normal living” was kind of not suitable for us, so we took a travel job. We enjoyed it and discovered we were confortable having a nomadic life.

Elu loves traveling and even better if she can do it with a bike and her dog! A little 8 years old boy. She really loves cycling, bikes, mechanics. Don’t ask about bikes or she won’t stop talking. But not only, as she wants to travel by bike, starting from Italy all the way to… the whole wide world?

Gloria is a fantastic animal passionate. She has a thing for goats and dinosaurs, but even more for any animal that lives underwater! She wants to travel the world diving in every spot and also have the chance to help keep our environment as safe as possible.

We have a lot of fun getting to know your crazy travels, sport challenges and more.

It’s hard to know where we will be in the World but if you feel the need to check it out, here are our Instagrams account:

Gloria: @oceangloris
Elu: @eluovunque

Our Mission

Enabling Passionate people to celebrate their great experiences around the Globe or give an incredible gift to a beloved one.

We create personalized maps with your travels, rides or races to give you a perfect memory to decor your home.

If you are passionate individual you know how it feels to get your heart on a high beat on that moment you will remember forever!

We create Limit Zero Pro to seek out moments, memories and meaning. Enjoy life. Do things that matter to you.

Whether it’s your first travel, or a family trip, or a honey moon. It is your adventure.

So, here you have a space to create the memory to hang on the wall of that special moment.


Sustainability is a must

We care about the environment and we do not want our activity to generate negative consequences anywhere on the planet. That's why your posters are thoughtfully printed on high-quality, FSC-certified paper, ensuring your achievements will last a lifetime.Organic natural inks
Eco printing

We are here to create memory that celebrates you. Every travel, every memory is a highlight

— Elu & Gloria —

Thank you so much. You're amazing!